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Hi, I'm Saurabh, a multidisciplinary UI/UX Designer & Front-end Developer. I Design, Code and Write.

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I pour my ❤️️ into
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Here is a small selection of the case studies showcasing my work that I take great pleasure in. Explore more projects👉


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Hack Things,
Solve Problems.
Be Curious.

I write on things I love. Here are some of my articles.

Published on 12 August 2019

The Good, the bad, my 4 years of College Life.

The age 19, 20 and 21 ain't easy, you lose friends, you make mistakes, you fall, you fail, you realize things. My college life and lessons.

Published on 10 August 2019

Building a static blog with NuxtJs and Markdown as a beginner

A summary of my ongoing journey to get a statically generated blog up and running with the help of NuxtJS and Markdown.

Published on 17 August 2019

Often the best transformation happens after your worst encounter with life.

You aren't what's happened to you, you are how you've overcome it.

Published on 6 September 2019

The so called Design Process.

Its not only some of the steps you follow to make something amazing but more.