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March 2018 Awesome Inc Branding

Making awesome things more awesome.

Branding work for a digital design company.

woman tshirt, woman tshirt mockup

Mid March 2018- April 2018
1 Month


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator
Pen, paper


Branding Works
from start to end


Only me
It was lonely time


Awesome Inc is a Digital Design Company who have just established their first office in lucknow like us and was ready to launch their website. On they way they realized they needed a good look and feel. It happened to that I was their man to do the task about beatifying them.

With unrestricted design requirements, I was able to let my imagination run wild. The branding is sleek and modern, while remaining unique from all competitors in the same space.

I spent a lot of time with Awesome Inc Logo, Colours, accompanying service brochures, carefully developing them from scratch. This resulted in a consistent brand touch-points and brought their high-quality approach to every step of the client's experience.


1. Choosing The right colour
2. Designing logo is not my genre.
3. No existing design, Everything were to be started from scratch.

Choosing the right color

When It comes to choosing the right colour. I am very natural. After some some research and discovery I decided to go with gradient and and just any gradient but with very vibrant colour. Inspiration to this gradient came from a post from envato. There is saying trust your instincts and when it comes to design we got to make so many little decision that we got to trust our instincts all the time. After confirming the colors and minor retouching and getting the approval I started a working on the visuals.

branding layout
awesome logo
awesome logo
visiting card mockup
business identity mockup
best tshirt design

Stuff I did

✔ Research ✔ Ideation ✔ Creative Direction ✔ Design Meeting ✔ Iterated many times ✔ Lots of IceTea ✔ T-shirt ✔ Made Mockups ✔ Testing with users ✔ Creating A design System ✔ Branding ✔ Identity Design ✔ Defending Decisions ✔ Pop and un-pop things


When It comes to design for a brand that is itself into branding. You got to give your best. No excuses. Thats what happened with Awesome Inc. I loved working with an energetic client and people that were involved.

This project turned out so much fun, i experimented with lots of layout. Now I see it love what it turned out.

Lets do something awesome together.

Don't forget to appreciate.

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