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November 2018 Prepowl Product Design

Institutes portal for conducting exams and mock tests

Prepwol Software showcase website design for clients.

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November 2018
1 Month


Adobe Creative Suite


UI/UX Desiner


UI/UX Desiner


Prepowl is web product intended for students who are preparing for certain exams in India. Prepowl says and I quote 'We are on a mission to reshape the process of how students prepare online for competitive exams', and I totally agree.


After layout and content strategy, It was time to set a theme and colour palette It was time to design a simple, clean and elegant showcase website. The accent colour I choose was Dark moderate cyan.. Later on while project was in design phase I changed the theme from Cyan to Gradient feel, to make it more contrast and modern feel. I decided to use red as theme colour

Things got better and easy after applying a Content first strategy for the website.

Stuff I did

✔ Research ✔ Ideation ✔ Taking Design Meetings ✔ Collaborating with developer ✔ Making Post for social Media ✔ Lots of IceTea ✔ Exporting Assets ✔ Wireframe ✔ Testing with users ✔ Creating A design System ✔ Branding ✔ Identity Design ✔ Defending UX Decisions ✔ Pop and un-pop things


This project is still in Development phase. Applying Content First strategy and collaborating with Content Writer and Strategist gave a very satisfying result and I totally had very good in overall design process.

Maaking hypothesis is awesome but at the end of the day that hypothesis better turn for the better of the project.

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