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November 2019 CricBuzz App Design

CricBuzz app redesign concept

An app redesign already used by millions.

woman t-shirt, woman t-shirt mockup

November 2019
2 Days


Adobe XD
Adobe Photoshop


UX/UI Design
Content Strategist


Me and few of my friends
who helped me understand some silly q.


Cricbuzz app is used by millions of user. To redesign something that that is already have a existing user base is itself is a challenge. I started with installing the app from play store and then carefully following each navigation. I personally used this app previously some years ago not now. So much has already been changed and improved from then.

Crick buzz app redesign


1. Strict Deadline
2. Did it to learn
3. Only Two days to showcase UI/UX Process
4. Time constraint to do heuristic research

Cricbuzz app is used by millions of user. To redesign something that that is already have a existing user base is itself is a challenge.


With limited time following a typical design process was challenge. When it came to user research I could not do more. But I did talk to some friends and asked their existing experience of using Cricbuzz app and their pain-points.

I then began with careful observation of each screen, completing the desired task, going back and forward, taking notes on my initial thoughts like what's missing and what can be done to make user experience more intuitive.

One thing that really needed to be redesign was app navigation. Most of the action element was outside natural area of the phone. This made it very difficult to perform even simple task with one hand held phone. I really admire Samsung about what they did with their One UI making everything accessible from your thumb πŸ–οΈ. Taking cues from it I began to restructure and redesign cricbuzz app.

cricbuzz app screenshots

Some cricbuzz app screenshots

Problems and Initial Findings

1. No clear structure and navigation flows
2. Cluttered UI with very less white space
3. Navigation problems
4. Not one handed friendly
5. Bad content architecture and readability issue can be seen here and there.
6. Very little visual feedback while going from one screen to another.

UX Principles

Through out designing the app I followed these UX Principles specially user touch behavior and Fitts's Law.

ux principles and laws

Applied UX Principles


Focusing on findings and insights, I did some rough wireframe with just enough information to get started for few important screen including those features which I thought should be there. The feasibility of these features are debatable. Don't mind my handwriting. Its way better originally.

cricbuzz app wireframing

User Interface

I began designing screens first for onboarding experience, highlighting some basic features. Worked on a minimalistic logo to give it a clean, bold, and simple compositions with only one or two colors. Existing logo works well though. Not spending much time on typography. Most times Montserrat is my default choice, it's pretty nice font with a nice large x-height and a lot more character than Arial or Helvetica. It has beautiful curves and well rounded corners which works well on most design. Also there is something me and my friends say, when in doubt use Montserrat.

cricbuzz app redesign ui screen

Adobe XD- App screens

Onboarding Experience

In the existing app there was no onboarding experience and very little personalization. Personalization can be used for collecting data in terms of business and better user experience. It Can be used for push notification. Its application can include user to be notified of favorite matches, teams and stories from his/her favorite player etc.

cricbuzz app redesign onboarding experience screen

App Onboarding experience


Home is now less cluttered with more white space and better readability. Often times we just wanted to see just the latest scores and so the first thing on home he will focus will be on bigger typos i.e. the score following player current run and related information.

cricbuzz app redesign home screen

App Home Screen Instances

Other App Screen

Every Interactive elements is placed in the Active area of the mobile wherever possible so even a person who is holding phone in one hand can navigate with thumb easily just like in Samsung new one UI. With new search feature user can easily go through topics, related videos, player profile etc. All menu CTA is placed in active area so user can navigate very easily even on bigger screen.

cricbuzz app redesign ui screen

App other screen UI

Interactive Prototype

Made a rapid prototype showing interactions with elements, sleek animations using Adobe XD auto-animate feature. Here I have to say I totally love XD auto-animate feature. It does a lot with very little effort. Specially showing those micro-interactions. The app have a lot of areas where the user experience can be enriched more. These all took me two days. .

cricbuzz app redesign prototype

Adobe XD-Prototype


When it come to cricket app, theres a lot of data that goes into UI. There's just so many edge case scenario. There a lot of things and conditions that these design doesn't justify and have area where with good research and planning, app can be made even more awesome for all cricket lover.

cricbuzz app redesign mockup

Stuff I did

βœ” Research βœ” Ideation βœ” Downloaded Apps βœ” Taken screenshots βœ” User Interface βœ” User Experience βœ” Basic Wireframe βœ” Interactive Prototype βœ” Made a simple logo βœ” Rapid Prototyping βœ” Made Mockups βœ” Pop and un-pop things


The most challenging part of any project which I have experienced myself is even starting it. Once it get started, the next challenge is deciding which problem to solve. As a UX designer, we are driven by curiosity and a burning desire to solve problems. The more insights we uncover, the more problems we will identify β€” and the harder it becomes to settle on just one. During research and design phase I got into loop of deciding what to give more time and what not to. If I have focused on all parts of Cricbuzz app, it would not have been possible to finish it all in 2 days at all. Focus is key.

It’s inevitable that we uncover new pain-points along the way, but we can’t change track every time this occurs. The challenge lies in staying focused, staying on the track.

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