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July 2017 Hello Colors Book Design

Fun coloring experiennce

designing colouring book for childrens

colouring book design

July 2019- Oct 2019
3 months


Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop, Pen/Pencil.


Copy Paste, Design layout,
Research, Rewrite Content, Design Whole book


Myself, Abhishek


This project was kind of very unique. It was to design whole Art book for Students from class 1 to 6. Total 12 books, Cover for them and Inside page like Index, Content and all those 60 page for colouring. It was my 3rd time dealing with design in book. I was confident I will be able to deliver it, but the thing was it was very daunting, so many pages and so many page just similar layout and all to be done in Illustrator.

Ctrl C + Ctrl V, from Corel Draw to Illustrator

The base file that I got from the client was all set in Corel Draw. They contain all the basic shapes and very basic layout and some content that would have to get in each page. I don't like Core Draw Personally and I got more command over Illustrator. So I choose to do the hard stuff, copying and pasting. I didn't have to draw vector images, well I could have not accepted this if not for that. Because designing a book (so many books) is not a one man job.

Anyway, here I was readjusting the artboard to mach the required size of book, and then vector images from Corel draw to Illustrator. I have to say It was very boring. After a week and two. It got worse, I could have done only 40 pages and there were more around 400 pages, so asked help from my junior designer Abhishek, and he agreed,' to my expectations we both were able to do this in very less time.

Then this happened

I remember correctly, almost 2 years back, I was in the middle of the completing this project. I for some days travelled to Gr. Noida for a break, and during that I lost my Laptop from my friends room. It was Disater, my lptop got stolen. 3 years of stuff vanished just like that. Fortunately I have a habit of backing up things to cloud, and after some days I got myself to together and began working from my Old age Desktop Pc having a very slow i5 processor. Projects got delayed to October and its all on me. Somehow I made to the end.

With all that in past, it was pretty tough experience. The project was boring, i hated working with Corel Draw, My laptop got stolen, lost 3 years of stuff, lost myself and then redeemed myself as I always do. Now I write these this project made me learn so much. About life, about people, about children about client-designer relationship and many more.

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.

Stuff I did

✔ Research ✔ Ideation ✔ Talking with clients ✔ Endured Myself ✔ Cover Design ✔ Copy and Pste ✔ Taken Stress ✔ Redesign stuff ✔ Redesign Layout ✔ Made Colours children's friendly ✔ Said Sorry ✔ Made pdf ✔ Made mockups ✔ Pop and un-pop things


Life is very unpredictable, you got to get backups of your work each day. Anything can happen anytime. Also when working on a projects that requires you to do the same stuff again and again its gets boring. Keeping it interesting and fun is an art each designer should learn the hard way.

Everyone is an Artist

Don't forget to appreciate the art in me. XOXO.

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