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October 2017 Product Design

Elevito: My own endeavor

Designing for a design company.

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October 2018- March 2019
5 Month


Adobe Creative Suite, Zeplin,
Pen-Paper and lots of Ice-Tea


Art direction,Research,
Content Strategy, UX, Order Pizza


Shekhar, Govind, Fahad, Abhishek
Saurabh, Yash, Zainab and Me


Elevito- Coming up with this name was challenging in itself. Elevito was supposed to be a Designing company based in India. We have been working from days when I got into my 7th semester of Engineering. Elevito- A team dedicated to producing only the best quality conteant any brand would deserves.

From Lucknow with love ❤

I started thinking of Elevito back at end of September 2017 while I was still In Lucknow, pursuing Computer Science Engineering with some of my crazy friends who were so good in web development. Me and friend wanted to do something of our own, one night I got a chance to do it under the hat of one of my Senior. It was really mind bending for me and very challenging.

So here I was, crawling Pintrest, going through design agencies website, looking thirstily for some inspiration that could move me. After few days of this or that, I found a specific visual split in half and that's basically where the whole concept came from.

It was an opportunity for me to challenge our creativity, without fixing any constraint or barrier.

The purpose of the website was to showcase our works we have done so far to clients and to demonstrate them that we are the people they are looking far.

Ideation and Research

After initial wireframing and running it past some UX friends and juniors for feedback and tweaks, we kicked around some ideas for a theme. Coming up with layout and working on it. We iterated and tweaked until we had something that was fun and as fluid as possible.

Ideas don't come out fully formed. They only become clear as you work on them. You just have to get started.

Art Direction + Design

After layout and content strategy, it was time to set a theme and colour palette. It was time to design a simple, clean and elegant showcase website. The accent colour I choose was Dark moderate cyan.. Later on while project was in design phase I changed the theme from Cyan to Gradient feel, to make it more contrast and modern feel. I decided to use red as theme colour

website wireframing, wireframing

Initial layout and website theme.

Go Beyond

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elevito wireframe

Final Layout: Updated hero image and thumbnail later on.

Think Deeper

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Visual Design

After many iteration and changes we finally fixed on a layout for pages and little by little I started adding details to it. With constant collaboration with developers and content writer a story and theme got build up and the resulting design was loved by all.


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elevito ideation

Elevito: Mobile Hero Screen Set 1.

elevito ideation

Elevito: Mobile Hero Screen Set 2.

website design
website design
elevito website design
website design uxui
website design system
elevito team, Saurabh Chandra Rai, Shekhar Gupta, Yash Srivastav
coffee mug mockup

Stuff I did

✔ Research ✔ Ideation ✔ Taking design meetings ✔ Collaborating with developers ✔ Creative Direction ✔ Drank lots of IceTea ✔ Exporting Assets ✔ Wireframing ✔ Testing with users ✔ Creating a design system ✔ Branding ✔ Defending UX Decisions


Elevito happen during my college time. It was my greatest learning curve. I tried everything that I can do. In the beginning we did not have many projects to showcase on the website, still somehow managed to show 15 Projects, out of which 2 projects was fictional. It took a lot of time like 2 months just on showcasing 15 projects, there were times when tt became very boring, couldn't give the best, but with all support and love, I never lost enthusiasm and maintained the excitement. Whenever challenge arrived, there were people whom I could lean on. This was all possible because each and everyone came together even in their busiest of time, even when exams were near.

One option is better than many. When you're communicating your process and solutions to a people who isn't always the key decision-maker, it's important to keep your points clear and concise enough for easy re-communication. Even though that person may appreciate the extra displayed effort, it can muddy the waters when feedback comes back out.

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