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Oct 2018 ART Print Design

Aware and Responsible Teens

Brochure Designing for creating awareness

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October 2018


Adobe Creative Suite
Pen and Pencil


Graphic Design
Creative Direction


Yash Srivastava
Md. Fahad and Me


ART (Aware and Responsible Teen) is an organization which works in the direction of making students emotionally sound. Their main work is to spread awareness amongst the teen, in this era of fast development. The teenagers face lots of expectational pressure, study and peer pressure, bullying, and hormonal changes. These indirectly affects their education.


The ART brochure was to represent the ART organization. It had to put forward their work, aim, objective and goals, before the schools and colleges. It had to convince the schools/colleges to work with ART organization. It had to speak volumes with great sensitivity. Design had to become its language.

Research and Discovery

To initiate design projects I started with a Discovery & Planning session to gather information and ask questions to learn about the audience, expectations, uses and goals. Gathered all their supplied text, images and logos and make sure I don’t have any questions before starting. Done a brand audit, competitive analysis and reviewed the primary messaging the brochure should communicate. Reviewed possible creative directions for imagery, colour and fonts and made sure the direction will be as on target as possible.


Ideation and Sketch

With lots of Ideas in mind and what not to do I read some Brochure Design Process on the Internet, gone through them, taken Screenshot, saved Images that connected to the project for initial motivation. Google is place I always start with very basic search from What to whom to why and write important stuff in my diary. As things goes some things came out naturally as I gone through them.

Content First Strategy

When it comes to print design I guess its very important to get all the Copy writing before starting the design Process. Content first and then Design. I followed this approach, even to get started I remember I had to wait 3 days for it. Its always worth the time.

Final Design

10 dys Fast forward. It was high time to step into Illustrator and begin. I choose Illustrator over Indesign as I knew I have to make some custom Illustration and deal with shapes and graph and demographic stuff.

Brochure front Cover | A4

Logo For ART

Brochure Front Cover

Inside Pages 2 & 3

Inside Pages 4 & 5

Inside Pages 6 & 7

Inside Page 8 & 9

Inside Page 10 & 11

All Brochure Pages

brochure slanted mockup design

Identity Design

During the process of researching brochure I have to design a logo for them that just align with them and their motivation to bring to needing children and therefore protect and safeguard the psychology of children's

visiting card design

All Brochure Pages


They loved the Brochure and when it came out in Print form It was really Incredible. Hard work pays off. I loved the brochure so much I asked for a copy and I have it in my book shelf.

Stuff I did

✔ Research ✔ Ideation ✔ Taking Design Meetings ✔ Collaborating with Content Writer ✔ Deleting adding pages ✔ Lots of IceTea ✔ Logo ✔ Mockups ✔ Lots of Pdf ✔ Creating A design System ✔ Imagery Selection ✔ Business Card ✔ Learned the process


Dear Zindagi made me more aware of the psychological things that goes around with children's and in society and how important it is to convey these messages through design. Attention to details is key to these stuff specially in print design.

It necessary that every element ties in with the brand story that need to be communicated. Detailing and fine tunning every page, every printed word and image of the final product. It's the tiny details that matters.

Loved Dear Zindagi

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